Subject: A new approach to pureed meals, courtesy of Hormel Health Labs

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Coffee Sticks

It’s Time to Dine Deliciously.

When it comes to flavor, variety, and ease of preparation, pureed meals sometimes fall short. We’re here to change that.

Our NEW Thick & Easy® Pureed Meal Kits provide you with all the courses you’ll need to prepare several days worth of tasty pureed meals–all in one convenient package.

Our Lunch/Dinner Kits contain more than 30 courses, enough food for 6 or more meals each, while our Breakfast Kits provide 31 items, for 9 or more nutritious meals.

Developed by chefs who understand both flavor and swallowing difficulties, our Pureed Meal Kits go beyond meeting consistency standards–they provide a delicious, flavorful alternative to bland, monotonous purees. And they’re easy to prepare.

Please enjoy 25% Off your first Pureed Meal Kit order by entering the promo code GOPUREED at checkout, and enjoy dining deliciously!

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Tim Garry
Hormel Health Labs