Subject: Caffeine Resources from Red Bull – Today’s Dietitian Spring Symposium Follow Up

Thank you for your continued support of Today's Dietitian. Below is information from one of our sponsors:
Red Bull

We enjoyed meeting you at
Today's Dietitian Spring Symposium
and hope we can continue to be a resource for you.

In fact, we are including a few of our caffeine education materials below as well as (upon popular request!), a mocktail recipe. Please reach out with any questions or requests, we'd love to continue getting to know you better. Be sure to click below to request more materials and stay in touch.

To request complimentary materials and handouts including:

1. Digital unbranded caffeine education materials
2. Digital branded caffeine education materials
3. Mocktail Recipe Cards (Variety of Flavors Available)
4. Printed versions of the caffeine charts

Please click here

Red Bull
Red Bull
Red Bull

For more information please contact
Nora Minno, RD, CDN

Red Bull