Subject: Eating Healthy and Agriculture: Behind the Scenes Growing Vegetables

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Bailey Farms is a family-run business that had very humble beginnings with a passion for farming. They work hard every day to provide healthy and delicious produce. Hear a little more about them through their owner, Randy Bailey, in this message captured straight from his farm.


He has also prepared a tasty, simple, nutritious recipe especially for you and, if it leaves you craving for more, make sure to visit Bailey Farm's webpage where you'll find new delicious ways of enjoying peppers!
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Have You Ever Been On A Farm?
Take a glimpse into agriculture and the intricacies of growing onions through our virtual event at This website showcases a full virtual field experience for farmers focused on onions.

To help bridge the gap between those who grow food and those who enjoy it, we created a special section for consumers that provides a little behind-the-scenes look on what it takes to grow produce. You can also find information about the different parts of an onion, how plants get sick, and even a fun trivia game to test your onion knowledge.

Who We Are
At Bayer Crop Science, we believe in the power of human ingenuity to shape one of humankind’s first inventions: agriculture. Guided by our purpose of Science for a Better Life, we will make a difference for farmers and consumers.
We are committed to providing vegetable seeds to farmers around the world that are high-quality and tailored to their specific needs for their growing environments. This contributes to our larger mission of filling plates with nutritious and delicious produce.

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