Subject: Go Further...With Oats!

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Quaker® - Go Further...With Oats!
March is all about showcasing the best in nutrition! In addition to sharing whole grain goodness through our Quaker Oats, Quaker relies on our strong credentials in nutrition science.
PepsiCo's Nutrition Science Team has outstanding credentials in food, nutrition, diet, health science, and related disciplines. 19 Registered Dietitians - 350+ cumulative years of related work experience outside of PepsiCo - 9 nutrition scientists named as an inventor on a total of 37 patents (or patent-pending) - 188+ cumulative years of experience at PepsiCo - 32 nutrition scientists authoring/488 total publications
Here at Quaker, we have spent this month thinking about what it means to “Go Further with Food.” Our first thought is how to get the most bang for our nutrition buck. Whatever our day entails, we all need foods that deliver quality nutrition and help give us energy to tackle those to-do lists.

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As I’m sure many of you have seen first-hand low carb diets have many people avoiding carbs, including oatmeal, not realizing that oatmeal are a whole grain and complex carbohydrate with a multitude of nutritional benefits. Thanks to the beta-glucan fiber in oats, the energy that oats provide is absorbed slowly, and can help to stave off hunger.

Additionally, many consumers are confused about the different varieties of oats. Contrary to a common misconception, all varieties of oats – Old Fashioned, Quick and Steel Cut – offer the same 100% whole grain goodness. And ounce per ounce, they provide the same amount of calories, fiber and nutrients per serving. The main difference among the varieties is shape, texture and cook time. For more help communicating this to consumers, be sure to check out “Oats 101” in our RD toolkit.
Whether you’re looking to start your day with a nutritious breakfast, or get through the 3pm slump at the office, these recipes filled with complex, 100% whole grain carbs are a great option.
Citrus-Ricotta Oats
Trail Mix Oats
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