Subject: New Study: Avocados + Brain Health

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New Study: Avocados + Brain Health
Maintaining a healthy brain is as important as keeping our bodies healthy. Including avocados into your clients’ diets may help with both.
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Featured Research Study
A recent clinical study found that 84 overweight and obese adults performed better on a cognitive test when consuming fresh avocado daily for 12 weeks. Attentional inhibition, as measured by the Flanker task, increased, but other cognitive measures were not changed. As the findings are limited and longer-term research is needed in a larger U.S. representative population with one serving of avocado (50 g), the outcomes of this Hass Avocado Board funded-study adds to the growing research on the potential benefits of avocados and cognitive function.
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Avocado and toasted almond salad Help clients power through the afternoon slump
This easy weekday snack is perfect for busy clients. With just three ingredients, it doesn’t get easier than this.
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