Subject: Pack your ‘80s gear for our Tuesday night concert

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2019 Today's Dietitian Spring Symposium
Join us in the Showroom Tuesday at 8 PM for a Night of Music and Fun with The Radio Rebels

As you’re getting ready for your trip to Scottsdale for the Spring Symposium, be sure you pack that jacket with huge shoulder pads (you know you still have it), find some leg warmers, bring product to tease your hair up BIG, and celebrate the '80s with a night of music and fun with The Radio Rebels!

The band’s dynamic stage presence will get your body moving after a day in sessions as they play their vast repertoire of all your favorite '80s covers! This is the time to show off your best Moonwalk, Running Man, and all those other dance moves from back in the day.

Join us at 8 PM Tuesday night in The Showroom for all the high-energy retro festivities.

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