Subject: Strawberries may benefit gut, brain & more, new research shows

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Strawberries Have Positive Health Impacts
6 universities present promising research on consuming strawberries
Six studies on strawberries' health impacts were presented at Nutrition 2020 in June. The scientific research highlights the potential outcomes strawberry consumption may have on clients' health.

Changes in the Gut Microbiota
Three studies show that daily strawberry intake could alter the gut microbiota in just four weeks. Pro-inflammatory lithocholic acid and other secondary bile acids were reduced, suggesting a potential role of strawberries in ameliorating colonic inflammation and promoting gut health.

Metabolic Health
Reduction in HOMA-IR was observed in study participants with metabolic syndrome after consuming strawberries every day for four weeks, while high-risk post-menopausal overweight women experienced a decrease in fasting blood glucose.

Cardiovascular Health
Two studies saw lipid improvements in high-risk participants. Two and a half servings of strawberries per day for four weeks appears to reduce small dense LDL particles and just one serving led to significant improvements in LDL, non-HDL, and total cholesterol levels.

New study results indicate an association between increased strawberry intake and decreased neurofibrillary tangles, one of the characteristic hallmarks of Alzheimer's Disease.

Because of their flavonoids, strawberries have been identified to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that improve gut microbiota, cardiovascular, metabolic, and neuronal function.

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