Subject: Are You Recommending Avocados as a First Food?

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Are You Recommending Avocados as a First Food?
Pureed avocado in a baby bowl with avocado chunks next to it.
First Food Basics
When providing advice on first foods to your friends, clients, colleagues or even for your own family, have you ever wondered what the evidence suggests are the best foods to introduce? A review of more than 100 studies on the subject, recently published in Nutrients and supported by the Hass Avocado Board, identified three optimal qualities to consider. Encourage clients to consider the following questions when selecting first foods for their little ones – to encourage growth and development and help influence healthier lifestyles later in life:
Nutrient Density: does the food deliver multiple important nutrients for the infant or toddler's health (e.g., good fat, fiber, potassium and/or folate)?
Texture and Consistency: is the food soft, thin and easy to swallow?
Freshness and Flavor: is the food wholesome and neither too salty nor sweet?
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Think Green When You Wean
Fresh avocados are uniquely suited to be one of the most optimal first foods for an infant or toddler. Composed of a dynamic duo of good fat (3g) and fiber (2g), they also contain potassium (130mg), vitamin E (0.5mg) and other key nutrients, based on a 25g portion. Plus, they're an ideal texture for little mouths and hands, and boast a neutral, easy-to-introduce flavor. We summed it all up in this infographic for you to share.
Mashed avocados in a bowl and baby spoon
Do The Avo-Mash
Fresh avocados are the nutrient-rich, vibrantly green and ready-to-mash fruit that babies love. Delicious on their own, they're also the prime mashing partner to serve up optimal nutrition and help balance stronger flavors when introducing new foods into a little one's diet. Get mashing with avocados!
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