Subject: Avocado Benefits For All Life Stages

Avocado Benefits for All Life Stages | Love One Today

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Avocado Benefits for All Life Stages
With nearly 20 vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients per 50g serving or about one-third of an avocado, fresh avocados can offer key health benefits throughout the lifespan.
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Healthy Beginnings: A Health Professional's Guide to Helping Mom & Baby Thrive
This guide is designed to help you best counsel your clients using the latest nutrition recommendations for prenatal and infant/toddler health and to give them the confidence and knowledge to make healthier food choices for mom and baby.
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Spotlight on Research—
Avocado consumption increases macular pigment density in older adults: a randomized controlled trial
This research investigates lutein’s role in cognition and macular pigment density, which is often associated with improved memory and cognition.
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Help your Clients Snack Healthier with Fresh Avocados
The good fats in avocados can play a positive role in both weight loss and weight management, especially in combination with other nutrients like fiber. Adding avocado to one of your clients’ daily snacks may help curb their daytime hunger.
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