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World of Carbohydrates - Tuesday, December 12, 2-3 PM EST - Presented by Joanne Slavin, PhD, RD, Professor
The current Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGAs) announced components of healthy eating patterns that can be difficult to parse for both RDs and their patients and clients. While patients and clients are seeking specific, actionable recommendations, it can be difficult for RDs to interpret the DGAs in order to identify those recommendations and develop strategies to help patients and clients put them into practice.

One particular area of uncertainty is the recommendations relating to carbohydrates. In this webinar, Joanne Slavin, PhD, RD, Professor, and prior member of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, will provide an overview of the science behind the carbohydrate recommendations of the DGAs. She will discuss the latest evidence relating to appropriate carbohydrate consumption, together with practical strategies for counseling patients and clients regarding the inclusion of healthful carbohydrates in their diets.

Learning Objectives
After completing this continuing education course, nutrition professionals should be able to:
  1. Discuss the latest science behind carbohydrate recommendations.
  2. Understand the key guidance relating to carbohydrates in the DGAs.
  3. Identify regulations that have been implemented relating to carbohydrates in foods.
  4. Communicate to patients evidence-based recommendations for consuming carbohydrates.
1 CPEU FREE Suggested CDR Learning Needs Codes: 2070, 4030
Performance Indicators: 8.1.1, 8.1.3, 8.3.6, 13.2.1
Level: 2
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About Our Presenter
Dr. Joanne Slavin is a professor in the Department of Food Science and Nutrition at the University of Minnesota. She teaches FScN 4612 Advanced Human Nutrition. She has presented more than 350 invited scientific lectures around the world on topics including dietary fiber, carbohydrates, whole grains, protein, and the role of diet in disease prevention.

She has an active research group currently working in gut health, satiety, and related health outcomes. She is the author of more than 250 scientific publications and numerous book chapters and review articles and has advised 65 graduate students who work in universities, food companies, and health care facilities.

She is a Science Communicator for the Institute of Food Technologists and a member of numerous scientific societies, including the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the American Society for Nutrition (ASN). She received the 2013 ASN General Mills Institute of Health and Nutrition Innovation Award, an award given to an investigator whose scientific contribution advance the understanding of the health benefits of whole grains. She gave the 2015 W.O. Atwater Memorial Lecture at the ASN meeting. She was a member of the 2010 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee for the US Department of Agriculture. She is a frequent source for the media on topics ranging from kid’s eating to sports nutrition.

Dr. Slavin received BS, MS, and PhD degrees in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is a registered dietitian. She grew up on a dairy farm in southern Wisconsin that she still owns with her 2 sisters.

About Our Sponsor
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Dr. Slavin reports the following relevant disclosures: She has received grants/research support from Mushroom Council, Nestle, DSM, USDA, ILSI, Pepsico and serves on the scientific advisory board of or as consultant to Kerry, Atkins, Tate and Lyle, Midwest Dairy Association. She also reports a 1/3 interest in Slavin Sisters Farm in Walworth, Wisconsin. She has certified that no conflict of interest exists for this program. View our disclosure policy.