Subject: Dietitians’ Top 10 Tips for Healthy Eating

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Dietitians’ Top 10 Tips for Healthy Eating
Herbalife Nutrition recently surveyed dietitians who attended the 2018 annual meeting of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics about their patients’ nutrition goals, diet-related misconceptions, behavioral hurdles, and challenges related to following a healthy meal plan. Highlights from the survey include:

Nearly 57% listed "losing weight" as the most common goal among patients reported by their dietitians.

Among patients, the most common misconception is that "a very low carb diet is the best way to lose weight and keep it off." This was reported by 31% of the dietitians surveyed.

When it comes to staying on regimen, more than half of dietitians (51%) reported "lack of motivation to stay on the plan" as their patients' biggest behavioral obstacle.

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To address these common dietary pitfalls, we reached out to our Herbalife Nutrition Dietitian Advisory Board (DAB) members to share their top 10 tips to achieve weight loss and nutrition goals.

TIP #1: Set and celebrate milestones during your weight loss journey.

TIP #2: Learn ways to practice portion control.

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