Subject: Dietitians of the Week

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Dietitians of the Week
Check our Facebook page every weekday for our RD of the Day, as we put a much-deserved spotlight on a dietitian who's either making headlines or writing them and delivering their expertise through the media. Here are this week's featured RDs.

Janis Jibrin, RD Facebook Twitter
Monday's RD of the Day not only educates the next generation of dietitians but also sends them on cool assignments that get published like this one in the Washingtonian.

Many students are on a budget and feel they have to sacrifice health for cost. In this article, Janis Jibrin, Adjunct Professor of Nutrition at American University, starts by explaining the genesis of the article.

"Standing in line at my local lunch spot, what should I order that’s tasty, healthy, and affordable? In April, I posed that question to 24 American University students taking my 'Introduction to Nutrition' class," Janis explains. "They leapt to the challenge, fanning out across the city. They taste tested meals at different chains and local lunch spots around town that fit specific nutrition criteria and were college-student-budget friendly, then reported their findings back to me."

Janis created a strict criteria for the lunches to be included (which is published before the list) for students to adhere to. She admits her sodium level is far from ideal, but "because it’s nearly impossible to create a meal that’s reasonable in sodium (700 mg or less), I had to set the upper limit very high."

Check out the list and descriptions, as well as the thoughtful commentary from Janis' students, and the disclaimer at the very end. For this thoughtful presentation, we chose Janis as our Monday RD of the Day.

Read the article: 24 Healthy Lunches You Can Find at Chipotle, Subway, Panera, and More

Barbara Gordon, RDN, LD  
Hiking is a summer activity that gets people exercising while enjoying the beauty of nature and the outdoors. Tuesday's RD of the Day takes to the Idaho Statesman to remind readers of two recent hiking deaths while warning about a common theme in both (and many others) — dehydration.

In "Hydrate or Die — Recreating in Extreme Heat is No Joke," Barbara Gordon, RDN, LD, reminds readers to take care when hiking in the summer heat, explaining exactly what dehydration is and how it wreaks havoc with our body’s built-in regulation systems.

She then explains that not everyone responds the same to heat-related dehydration, but "typical early signs are flushing face, muscle cramps, fatigue and the absence of sweat — despite sweltering heat. Other symptoms may include dry mouth, intense thirst, and light-headedness. A low volume of urine, which may be a darker color than usual, is another red flag," writes the principal of Healthcomm Solutions.

Barbara also warns that dehydration can quickly progress and a lack of fluid may impair cognitive function and physical dexterity. Rapid heart rate and labored breathing are signals that things are getting worse. Barbara then answers the important question, "what should you do if you opt to venture outdoors in extreme conditions or find yourself in extreme conditions?"

To see her science-based, common sense advice — and why we chose her as RD of the Day — check out the full article.

Read the article: Hydrate or Die — Recreating in Extreme Heat is No Joke

Brandi N. Gilley, RD, LD  
We love seeing RDs who do the amazing work behind the scenes while helping and influencing others. We especially love when those RDs get recognized for all they do and Wednesday's RD of the Day enjoys some well-deserved props as reported in the The Sentinel-Echo - Laurel County, KY.

After nearly 14 years at the Laurel County Health Department, Brandi N. Gilley, RD, LD, was chosen by employee nominations and comments as the department's Employee of the Year.

As Director of Nutrition Services, Brandi has a lot on her plate, so to speak. “I supervise the health educators and nutritionists,” Gilley said. “I also work with the community programs that offer classes on diabetes, tobacco use prevention and cessation and with the Maternal and Child Health (MCH) programs and coordinate the WIC (Women, Infant and Children) nutrition program."

Brandi also loves being a dietitian. “I started out to be a dietitian and work in a hospital setting,” she said, “but I had to do an internship at a health department and I loved it. I knew that was what I wanted to do. Now, as a dietitian, I see patients for nutrition, some of which is for diabetes or high risk for diabetes. I also help with the WIC program and we also do weight management programs.”

Check out the full story on Brandi and her contributions to her workplace and community. For being a standout RD, a standout leader, and a standout co-worker, we salute Brandi for her honor and select her as RD of the Day.

Read the article: Brandi Gilley Chosen as LCHD Employee of Year

Nicole Kerneen, RD Facebook
Do habits — good and bad — die hard? To see if nutrition is linked to deep rooted habits, two reporters at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel who are avid runners agreed to employ a nutrition plan developed by Thursday's RD of the Day to help fuel their athletic training for a marathon. This article discusses the results and more.

The athletic reporters, Dave Jones and Lori Nickel (who wrote the article), met with RD Nicole Kerneen of Way Of Life: Nutrition & Fitness, who did body composition percentages and developed individualized nutrition plans for both, with the three reconvening in three weeks time. The results were interesting.

"Dave really took to the RD's suggestions and made some changes. I tried to follow her plan for about a week, then got swamped with work and life and felt too overwhelmed to even try to focus on my nutrition."

Dave’s weight didn’t change, but his body composition did. He lost 5 pounds of fat and gained 5 pounds of muscle, according to the body composition scanner. He is 3% leaner in just three weeks following Nicole's plan "almost to the letter", with the exception of a weekend beer and pizza splurge.

Check out the article to see how the less dedicated Lori fared (not as well), as well as the tips the sports RD provides to do well in races, take care of yourselves, and be healthy.

For her successful plan in this experiment and great advice for runners, Nicole was Thursday's RD of the Day.

Watch the video: Key to Better Nutrition is Breaking Deeply Rooted Habits

Paula Martin, RD  
Mental health is often overlooked and its connection to nutrition may not register with many. Today's RD of the Day is featured on WBKB TV (MI) for the important message she delivered to the NE Michigan Mental Health Authority Board about foods that can actually improve your mental health.

Traverse City based dietitian Paula Martin spoke during the board’s educational session of the meeting. She explained that new research was finding more and more often that our gut health, and mental health are more interrelated than we think.

“There’s a lot of hormonal chemical messengers that are going back and forth between the gut and the brain, and these tiny little microbes in our gut are doing a lot of that control that’s happening,” she says.

Martin says 2 cups a day of what she calls “the happiness foods” have almost immediate benefits, which means you can improve your mental health in just hours by eating the right foods.

For her attention to this important connection and topic, Paula is our Friday RD of the Day.

Watch the video: Nutrition’s Impact on Mental Health