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This activity is accredited through the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s.
Complimentary Webinar Presentation | Alphabet Soup: The ABCs of Omega-3s | Earn 1 CEU Free | Wednesday, April 15, 2020 | 2–3 PM EDT | Presented by Elana Natker, MS, RD
ALA, EPA, DHA — all omega-3s are the same, right? Wrong!

The fact is, most people are getting plenty of ALA omega-3s, the kind found in nuts, seeds and oils, but few are reaching the recommended goals for EPA and DHA, the kind found in fish and other marine sources.

Yet, when dietitians recommend omega-3s to their patients or in articles and interviews, they say to eat fish, flax, walnuts, chia seeds, etc. While factually true that all of these foods contain omega-3s, such messages are a disservice to consumers, given that the science overwhelmingly is in favor of EPA and DHA to support a healthy heart, prenatal development, brain health and eye health.

Join Elana Natker, MS, RD, for a webinar on Wednesday, April 15, 2020, from 2–3 PM EDT, as she presents the latest research on omega-3s; a review of the science of omega-3s, including which are considered essential and why; and learn why it’s important to stress sources of EPA and DHA omega-3s to your clients. Elana will also discuss how vegetarians and vegans can still get EPA and DHA omega-3s without relying on ALA-based sources.

Learning Objectives
1. Distinguish between food sources of ALA omega-3s and EPA/DHA omega-3s.
2. Communicate effectively which omega-3s patients and clients should focus on and why.
3. Recommend therapeutic amounts of omega-3s to support the overall health of patients and clients.
1 CEU FREE Suggested CDR Learning Needs Codes: 6080, 2070, 4040, 4120
Suggested Performance Indicators: 6.2.5, 8.1.4, 10.4.4
Level: 2
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About Our Presenter
Elana Natker headshot
Elana Natker, MS, RD, is a nationally-recognized food and nutrition expert and spokesperson with two decades of communications experience. Her first job was as an on-camera spokesperson, which then led to a thriving career in public relations, working for major agencies in Chicago, Denver, and Washington, D.C. Feeling unsettled and desiring an area of expertise, Elana went back to school to earn a master's degree in food science and human nutrition and undergo the training and testing required to become a credentialed registered dietitian. Her skills are in nutrition strategy, writing, relationship-building, and contract negotiation, specializing in the areas of food, nutrition, health and wellness.

Elana is the owner of her own consulting business since 2008, where she works with food companies and associations to help translate complicated science and put it into consumer-friendly messaging. Much of her time is spent educating health professionals, including dietitians, on which is credible science and not a current fad. Elana is active in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, serving as chairperson of NE in 2018–19. She was also the 2017 recipient of the Emerging Leader in Dietetics award by the D.C. Metro Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.
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Elana Natker, MS, RD, has the following disclosures to report: she is a consultant for Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s; Monash University; FoodMinds; and Grain Foods Foundation. She certifies that no conflict of interest exists for this program.