Subject: How much do patients actually know about supplements?

Elevate your patient’s knowledge - access our resource center complete with infographics and articles.
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Do Your Patients Know About Supplements?

At Fullscript, we recently created a resource center complete with articles and infographics on a wide variety of supplements. Afterall, we can all learn a little more about supplements.

Vitamin D Comes From Sheep's Wool?
In order to have sufficient pro vitamin D3 in the skin, you need to eat enough healthy cholesterol in your diet. You can also get vitamin D from... Read The Article

Does Fish Oil Only Come From Fish?
The products commonly found on the market are made from the body oil of herring, sardines, mackerel, anchovy... Read The Article

What's In Your Multivitamin?
Multivitamins, as the name suggests, contain various different kinds of ingredients, and they each have their own associated manufacturing process... Read The Article

Probiotics - The word "probiotic" literally means promotion of microorganism growth, and they're usually associated with healthy bacteria, but probiotic supplements can actually be made of bacteria, bacterial spores, or fungi (yeasts).

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