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With summer coming up right around the corner Hormel Health Labs would like to remind you of our new Refreshing & Hydrating Thick & Easy® Clear Sugar Free Thickened Peach Mango Drink. Great for hot summer days, and meets your Dysphagia diet guidelines.

  • Improved Taste & Appearance
  • No High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Reduced Carbohydrates, Lactose Free & Gluten Free/Kosher
  • A dignifed option for those with modified swallowing abilities
  • A better drinking experience & a time saver for care providers
  • Assurance that the liquids are thickened correctly every time
Available in: Nectar Consistency (IDDSI Level 2) and Honey Consistency (IDDSI Level 3). For more information on the consistency labeling of this product go to
Hormel Health Labs also has another new product Thick & Easy® Pureed Bulk Meats & Vegetables. Coming in 6/2.25 lb. Boil-in-Bags. Very easy to prepare and store.

  • 12 Servings per bag, one simple 1/3 cup scoop per serving
  • 14 Grams of protein per serving
  • No waste and saves Labor
  • Easy to prepare and consistent product every time
  • Easy to store
  • No mixing or need to follow recipe simply heat and serve
  • Add sauces and gravies for more variety
  • High quality, affordable pureed entrees
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