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New from Quaker Oats
At Quaker, we are constantly working to meet consumer demands by delivering innovative products and improving our core portfolio to make the power of the oat more available and accessible than ever before.
Simple & Wholesome
Introducing a new line of hot cereal called Simple & Wholesome, a heart-healthy, organic, non-GMO oatmeal, that offers the simple goodness of oats, grains, seeds and fruit.
With no artificial flavors or added preservatives, all that great taste you get when you eat Simple & Wholesome comes directly from the whole grains, seeds, or fruit in each container and is available in three varieties:
  • Multigrain Hot Cereal with Red Quinoa – available in a 16oz bag
  • Multigrain Hot Cereal with Buckwheat & Flaxseed – available in a 16oz bag
  • Multigrain Hot Cereal Date & Almond – available in single-serve packets (5 per box)
Overnight Oats - Unsweetened with Chia Seeds
Launched in 2017, Quaker Overnight Oats was a first-of-its-kind product inspired by a consumer social media trend, creating a hassle-free way for people to enjoy oats. Simply add milk or your non-dairy option of choice at night to the single-serve container featuring a flavorful blend of oats and other wholesome ingredients such as quinoa and flax. Let the mixture cold-steep overnight in the refrigerator and enjoy the next morning for breakfast.
Our newest variety, Unsweetened with Chia Seeds, helps consumers continue to enjoy oats with the nutrition they want to help start their day, including:
  • Steady energy from slowly absorbed carbohydrates that reduce glucose fluctuation for up to 2 hours after a meal, as compared to refined hot cereals
  • 42g whole grains
  • A good source of fiber (5 grams of fat or less per container)
  • No artificial flavors
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • No added colors
  • No added sugar
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