Subject: Order Samples Today: 3 New Products from Fieldstone Bakery

Have you tried Fieldstone Bakery's two newest items? Our delicious donut sticks and decadent fudge cakes are great treats for your customers.


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Have you tried Fieldstone® Bakery's two newest items?
Our Delicious Donut Sticks are coated with a sweet glaze and are perfect for dunking. Your customers will also enjoy our Frosted Fudge Cake which is a rich chocolate cake layered with decadent fudge creme and fudge icing. Both treats are great for use on snack carts, in cafeterias and for catering.
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Wake up your taste buds with our new Whole Grain Rich Cinnamon Granola.
You can also save $2/case* on purchases of this delicious new product purchased by June 30, 2017.
3 Reasons to Try Our New Cinnamon Granola:
  1. Meets 30/10/35 school guidelines.
  2. 1 oz packages easy to grab & go and equals a 1 grain credit.
  3. Available in bulk to make granola bars and to use in parfaits & cereal. The possibilities are endless.
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*10 case minimum. Cannot be combined with other promotional offers.
Apple Sauce Yogurt Parfait
Try our Recipe of the Month using Fieldstone Bakery's New Cinnamon Granola.
Apple Sauce, Yogurt, Fieldstone Bakery Cinnamon Granola, Sliced Apples, Serving Cups
  • Layer Apple Sauce in the bottom of glass
  • Top with Cinnamon Granola
  • Add layer of yogurt
  • Top with sliced apples & granola
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