Subject: Pack More in Your Picnic: Use the Whole Watermelon

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Did you know that 100% of watermelon is usable
and compostable? Yes, even the rind is edible!

It’s clear more than ever that people care not only about taste, but nutrition and the environment. That’s a tall order, but one that watermelon can deliver! With Memorial Day right around the corner, challenge yourself to use the whole watermelon at picnics and parties:

Slices and Cubes: Dip in yogurt, dice into salsas or add to salads like Watermelon Greek Salad

Juice: Blend into smoothies, add to your favorite cocktail or simply enjoy Watermelon Juice

Rind: Carve a fabulous centerpiece, slice up in stir fry or make your own Watermelon Rind Pickles

Visit for more creative ways to use the whole watermelon in recipes and carvings, as well as nutrition facts, survey data and more!