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Are your clients struggling to stay gluten-free?
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It's no wonder why people on gluten-free diets are still getting sick: 

35% of "gluten-free" restaurant dishes
actually contain gluten

Nima helps gluten-free folks make
more informed decisions before they eat.
What is Nima?
Nima is a connected food sensor that allows you to test your food before you eat. Our first product tests for gluten, with peanut sensors coming this fall, and milk and tree nut sensors planned for 2018. In just a few minutes, gluten-free eaters can test a sample of food for gluten.
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Nima Toolkit for Free-From Dining
As part of our Dietitian & Nutritionist toolkit, we've developed a series of resources to help your clients navigate gluten-free living.

Nima should be used as an extra piece of information along with your client’s own questions, interactions, and experiences. Nima community members use our sensor to stay gluten-free every day:

  • When dining out, Nima adds an extra precaution before eating foods specified as gluten-free. We created an overview of the process of asking questions, testing before an item is ordered, and how to sample for a Nima test.
  • Free-from folks should be prepared to ask questions about food preparation. We developed a guide that looks at hot spots in the kitchen where gluten contamination can happen. 
  • If people need a little more help with what to ask or how to talk about Nima results, we’ve put together conversation starters based on Nima community experiences. 
  • Before testing packaged foods, recommend to your patients that they prepare, read, and review Nima’s advice for packaged foods. If gluten is found, we’ve put together another list of conversation starters and things to consider when reaching out to the manufacturer.
  • We also have a complete set of handy video guides for using Nima, in our Testing Tips video series.
  • Plus, people using the Nima app can share their results and see results from others in the community. Each restaurant is given a Nima score that reflects the percentage of gluten-free items that are truly gluten-free and community reports on the availability of gluten-free food and level of staff accommodation. This is a great tool to help your patients navigate dining out and provides insight to you on where they may be dining, to help them determine the best questions to ask and what foods to test.
All of these documents are also available for download so you can share with your clients.
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