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Do What Fits You with Dannon® Light & Fit® Like you, we recognize that finding balance is one of the keys to healthy living. At Dannon® Light & Fit®, we want to make it simpler for you and your clients to take care of yourselves by offering a variety of delicious yogurt products in our portfolio that are nutrient dense with high quality protein. Whether on-the-run, with a meal or as a tasty treat, Light & Fit® can be part of your every day.
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Nonfat Yogurt

Start the day with NEW! Dannon® Light & Fit® Nonfat Yogurt or Light & Fit® Greek Nonfat Yogurt made with zero artificial sweeteners – 80-90 calories, 5-13g protein and sweetened with sugar and stevia leaf extract (per 5.3 oz.). Plus, the new Greek also adds 3g of fiber to your day!

Stroll through the park with a Dannon® Light & Fit® Yogurt Drink with 90 calories, 9g protein, 0 added sugar and 0% fat (per 7 fl. oz.)

Yogurt Drink

Alongside your salad at lunch, enjoy Dannon® Light & Fit® Nonfat Yogurt, with 70 calories, 5g protein and 0% fat (per 5.3 oz.)

Have a little mid-day pick-me-up with Dannon® Light & Fit® Greek Nonfat Yogurt, with 80 calories, 12g protein and 0% fat (per 5.3 oz.)

Greek Cherry
Greek Crunch

Treat yourself to a better-for-you indulgence and a little bit of “me time” with Dannon® Light & Fit® Greek Crunch (5 oz.)