Subject: Simple Shifts with Chobani

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  Chobani® has been on a mission since day one: to provide better food for more people. We believe that access to affordable, nutritious, delicious yogurt made with only natural ingredients is a right, not a privilege. For the last 10 years, Chobani® has been encouraging shifts to better food choices through a variety of nutrient-dense yogurts.  
The Chobani Nutrition Center aims to use their expertise in the science of nutrition, health and behavior to inspire simple shifts. Actions that contribute to balanced eating patterns that help improve the health of Americans – wherever they live, work, play or go to school.
Chobani Lime Yogurt
Chobani Flip Yogurt
Better Choices with Chobani
RDs are committed to helping make the healthy choice the easy choice. Encouraging simple shifts toward a healthier lifestyle is a realistic goal that can improve nutrition without sacrificing on taste.

Here’s how to bring Chobani® Yogurt into the mix as you suggest simple shifts for better eating patterns.
New Introducing Chobani Smooth
  Shift to a Better-for-You Classic Yogurt  
  Boost nutrition with “classic” yogurt. Our latest addition to the Chobani family – Chobani® Smooth, our take on traditional yogurt. We understand some prefer the taste and texture of classic yogurt, but until now, nutritious and only natural ingredients options have been limited. At only 120 calories, twice the protein and 25% less sugar than other traditional yogurts,1 Chobani® Smooth is a nourishing, better-for-you choice for “classic” yogurt lovers and their families.  
Chobani Flip
  Shift Cravings to Nutrition-Filled Opportunities  
  Emphasize nutrient-dense choices during snack time. Chobani “Flip”™ is a portioned, afternoon snack with fun flavors and combinations that satisy your need for nutrition plus a little sweet.

The morning matters! Swap in a cup of Chobani® Greek Yogurt at breakfast instead of a muffin or Danish for a nutrient-intense start to your day.
Woman drinking Chobani
  Shift All Environments to Emphasize Good Nutrition  
  On the go? Opt for Drink Chobani™ when you’re out-and-about and need a beverage that satisfies – 14g of protein in each delicious flavor!

Improve recipes with Chobani® Plain which makes a smart substitution for sour cream, buttermilk or cheese when baking to slash fat and calories. Visit our recipe index for inspiration.

And try a few of our American Heart Association-approved recipes, such as Chobani® Fish Tacos or Grilled Georgia Peaches with Honey, Mint and Yogurt.
Chobani yogurt tubes
  Shift Kids to Healthier Habits from the Start  
  Swap Chobani Kids® Tubes into your kids’ lunch boxes for a treat kids love and moms can feel good about. Freeze overnight to be thawed by lunchtime.

Ditch the afterschool cookies for Chobani Kids® Pouches that are full of good nutrition and can be easily paired with fun fruits and veggies.
  RD Resources  
Must-Have RD Resources
The Chobani Nutrition Center has been hard at work developing a suite of “active nutrition” tools and resources to support RDs in their various practice areas. Visit the Chobani Nutrition Center website to explore toolkits, how-tos, recipes, handouts and more! We hope you’ll check it out and download materials that interest you. Check back in early 2018 for a new site with many more resources you won’t want to miss.

Together, we can foster a culture that’s healthier, happier and better for all. We applaud the strides of RDs who drive healthy changes in their communities. Tag @Chobani so others can follow along with how you are encouraging simple shifts for all.
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1. Chobani® Smooth: 14g sugar, 11g protein; other traditional yogurts: 19g sugar, 5g protein per 5.3 oz serving.