Subject: The Anatomy of Pure Pecan Oil

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The Anatomy of Pure Pecan Oil
A visitor to our booth at the Today’s Dietitian Symposium asked, “Why do we need another cooking oil?” To which we replied: “You don’t.”

The Most Versatile: The only oil you can use to Bake, Sauté, Dip, Drizzle, and Stir Fry, plus use as a complete butter substitute - “Pure” Means Pure:  Expeller-pressed means no chemicals or solvents are used; just pressure and gravity to mill, filter, and bottle our oil - Consider the Source: Pecans are the highest nut-source of antioxidants, and are 70% comprised of oil - Smoking Hot: High oxidative stability (thanks to antioxidant potency) and impressive smoke point of 470° - Simply, Superior: Only 7% saturated fat, half of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO); perfectly balanced with 65% monounsaturated and 28% polyunsaturated fat - Organic is Good; Wildcrafted is Better: We press only unsprayed Texas native (wild) pecans, untouched by fertilizers and pesticides. Native pecans have more nutrients than orchard-grown pecans - Liquid Nutrition: As much selenium per ounce as in yellowfin tuna; more ellagic acid than red raspberries; more polyphenols than EVOO and red wine combined

The Art of Pecan

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