Subject: The End of Hospital Malnutrition Begins Today

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The End of Hospital Malnutrition Begins Today

CBORD Mobile Intake

As a new sponsor, the CBORD® team enjoyed attending the conference and especially enjoyed talking with so many experts in the dietetics field. Our focus this year was on preventing hospital malnutrition and we were glad to hear that this is an important issue for many of you as well.

Hospitals across the country are working to identify and treat malnutrition among their patients. A key to identifying and addressing malnutrition is to prevent inadequate intake from going unnoticed.

Recording and analyzing patient food intake with CBORD's Mobile Intake® module lets you identify and care for at-risk patients quickly. Your dietitians will see the percentage of protein, vegetables, and dessert the patient actually consumed, as well as the total nutrient contribution for each meal or each day. 

Mobile Intake allows you to address nutritional issues in other ways too. Want to measure the effectiveness of oral supplements among a certain group of patients? You can set up a study protocol and collect data using Mobile Intake to compare the nutritional contribution that oral supplements provide above and beyond or compared to standard meals.

Learn more in about 4 minutes by watching the Mobile Intake video from our popular To the Point series. Thank you,

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The CBORD Team

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