Subject: Webinar on Clients and Cash Flow Infusion

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All-New Webinar: Clients And Cash Flow Infusion: The Who, Where, and How to Book Loyal, High-Paying Clients NOW For Nutrition Professionals | With Lesli Bitel, MBA, RDN, LDN | PLUS: Get this 6-Figure Cash Flow Formula Infographic!
Join Nutrition Business Expert Lesli Bitel, MBA, RDN, LDN,
Plus: Full-Color Infographic!

You'll learn:
  • Lesli's "6-Figure Cash Flow Formula": bust your stress by knowing exactly what to do — and what NOT to do — at any given moment in the sales cycle!
  • How to eliminate the confusion and overwhelm of too much information and too many gurus
  • No less than 10 Client Attraction Strategies — both local and online — to attract clients quickly
  • The psychology of WHY people invest...and how knowing this will catapult your income
  • The specific business strategy that accounts for 25% of my coaching income (most people don't do this!)
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RDNs will get 1 FREE CEU for attending!

And, for a deeper dive into absolutely everything you need to do to create a HUGELY SUCCESSFUL Private Practice Nutrition Business, check out Lesli’s Brand New Program!

6-Figure Biz Academy For Nutrition Professionals

When you become a member of the 6-Figure Biz Academy, you get tons of skill-building trainings, intimate laser coaching, business hotseats, ALL LIVE WITH LESLI, and worksheets, scripts, recordings, and templates galore!

Plus, a wonderful community of like-minded service professionals to share your journey with, to celebrate your successes, to motivate you and support you every step of the way!

In the Academy, we'll cover:
  • Magnetizing Marketing: Dozens of easy-to-implement strategies — both online and offline — to promote your business that attract your perfect, ideal nutrition clients (this alone will add thousands to your bottom line)
  • The Art of Authentic Enrollment: My simple system for client enrollment — how to sell your services in a way that’s completely natural, effortless, and absolutely irresistible (garnering you Yes after Yes after Yes)
  • Group Programs, Teleseminars, and Webinars: The exact steps to leverage your time by serving many people simultaneously (not only does this expand your impact, but brings you big dollars in your pocket!)
  • Internet Marketing Must-Dos: We'll cover the basics of how to do business online, create a thriving mailing list from around the world, and convert them into paying clients (no more being limited to your local area, yes even as a dietitian!)
  • Your Millionaire Mindset: We'll cover the key mindset issues the most successful entrepreneurs know that keep them going, motivated, and knowing what revenue-generating activities to focus on each day (master this and there’s no way you'll fail!)
The 6-Figure Biz Academy gives you everything you need to finally attract a steady stream of clients you love, and to catapult your cash flow SUSTAINABLY and LONG-TERM for a thriving, prosperous business!

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Lesli Bitel, MBA, RDN, LDN
Lesli works with integrative functional nutrition professionals and coaches, teaching them to overcome the overwhelm and confusion associated with the business side of running a successful nutrition or coaching practice. The end result is the creation of a thriving, successful, and profitable business.